Monday, March 03, 2008

I Can't Wait to Leave Sprint

My Sprint cell service is terrible. I've got about a 60% call drop rate. I can't get reception at my house in suburban San Diego and I can barely get it at work. It drops all the time as I drive around. I've learned the few places around me where the signal stays strong long enough to communicate and I sometimes have to park there to finish phone calls. The instant my agreement is up, I'm sprinting away from Sprint. I'm thinking of moving to Verizon and getting an Envy.

Mmmmmm. Envy.


Apian Apostle said...

I've had Verizon for several years, they offer better coverage than anyone else, I have virtually no call drops. In fact the service is so reliable I am considering abandoning my wired telephone. My biggest complaint is that they ding you for everything (example is cost more to have features in your phone turned on that are built into the phone at the factory.) With that said, Verizon is WAY better EVERYWHERE than AT&T.

Dean said...

KT, and I thought it was just my own technologically-delinquent karma bringing down my cell phone service. So glad I'm not alone - Sprint IS horrible.