Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2000 Hours

...is about how much labor you lose by being a single parent over the course of a year. That is, a spouse contributes about 2000 hours of work / recreation to the family.

This morning I made sure to help my daughter correct her homework from last night. She's really starting to do well in school and the time we spend together is crucial to her success. She's just too tired by the time she's finished doing her homework at night for me to go back and help her correct her mistakes, so we do it together in the morning before school.

This morning as I drove in to work, I checked my PDA. It told me I had an 8 AM meeting. It was already 8:15. I cursed, but had to accept the trade off of helping my daughter in exchange for missing an important meeting. It's all a part of those 2000 hours.


Foxfier said...


Rose said...

It goes by SO fast, KT, it'll be done before you know it. And from what I have seen, Dad's importance soars in the teenage years. She's lucky to have ya.

Foxfier said...

Rose raises a good point.

I don't want to think what kind of a monster I'd be without my dad.

Rose said...

chuckle - when my kids were little I was God, I knew everything, and I was the one they turned to for everything. When they were teenagers, it all changed, suddenly, I became the stupidest person ever born! And all of a sudden DAD knew everything, he was God. I never even saw it coming! It was good, though. And it passes :)