Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By way of Explanation

The posting on this blog has become very sparse in recent days. That's not due to my lack of enthusiasm, but my lack of time. I'm getting my house ready for sale, rebuilding my MGB, my daughter's soccer playoffs were this weekend and I've been helping my son with his amateur film making. At the same time, major (and wonderful!) developments in my life and career are under way.

In short, it's one of those times in life when independent events coincide and you're forced to jump in the hamster wheel and run as fast as you can.

Regular blogging will resume shortly.


Ogre said...

Good luck with that house selling thing. Whatever you think the house is worth, multiply by .75 if you really want to sell it...

But I'm sure the MG is being lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey KT Cat, best of luck with everything going on in your life! It sounds like it's all great stuff though:) I'm busy myself, as I'm planning a wedding for this summer. I think my blog is the only thing I'm doing that's keeping me sane!

All the best,