Thursday, January 18, 2007

We Shouldn't Laugh at Pain

Tricia, of Tricia's Musings and As the Garden Grows, has posted a photo of a snowman posed in such a way so as to make light of pain. One commenter on her site took her to task for the photo and we absolutely agree with them. Here at The Scratching Post, we take this very seriously indeed and do not condone such behavior. There is nothing funny about that at all, nor is there humor in anything that might ever offend anyone in any way, shape or form.

Just to show how serious this matter is, we have asked Dick Van Dyke to speak about the subject. Tricia, I hope you take careful note of this and reflect on what you've done.


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

That was great KT Cat! I hope Tricia gets over here to read your post - good for you to show your support for her when she's feeling down :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I surely have learned my lesson and I will never mistakenly make fun of anyone in pain, or who's possibly in pain, or who's just sitting there minding there own business ever again.

Please forgive me!

LOL uhm ... that Dick Van Dyke sketch is me on a normal day. I'm a total klutz. LOL