Friday, January 26, 2007

I Want a Jeep

This is a pay per post ad. But I really want a 4WD Jeep so I can do my rockhounding in remote spots, so I would have written it anyway. is a website featuring classified ads for new and used cars and trucks. As my regular reader(s) know, I've gotten into rockhounding. All of the cool places to go look for rocks in Southern California require a 4WD vehicle unless you want to do some serious hiking on foot. Dig this Google Earth picture of one of the best spots, Wiley Wells.

Wiley Wells viewed from space.

You can see that the place is all sand and rocks. I have no intention of taking my precious Beach Bomber, a Nissan Altima out to the sand to get stuck. Instead, I want a Jeep. Not just any Jeep, mind you, but a real Willy's WWII-era Jeep. Like one of these.

How about this one?

Or this one?

I used to own a DeLorean. It was a really cool car. To be honest, the only reason you buy a DeLorean is so that people look at you as you drive by. It is a total Ego Car. I used to drive it along the beach here in San Diego and if not enough people stopped what they were doing to watch, I would make a U-turn and drive by again. Yes I do have inadequacy isses. Why do you ask?

Let's see what Lemonfree can do for DeLoreans...Here we are.

It doesn't get any cooler than that.

Go check out their Car Search yourself and see what you find. What kind of car are you looking for?


dosten said...

You should get one of these:

Justin said...

Inadequacy issues? Please don't share details.

Get a dirtbike, you wouldn't be able to haul as many rocks, but the trip would be fun.

Anonymous said...

My father had a Jeep before he died...