Saturday, January 20, 2007

Post Open Thread Post Post Post Analysis Post Poll

That last post may have been a bit insulting. It's been brewing in my mind for weeks and I just had to do it. I didn't mean it to be insulting, I was just writing a bit of pointed humor. To gauge reader reaction and determine the amount of damage control grovelling I need to do, I've created the following poll.

In order to make it look like I've got more readers than I really do, you can check as many boxes as you like and you can vote every day. That way no one will be able to tell just how pathetically unpopular I am. In fact, I'm going to use this technique to manufacture a bunch of votes on this poll.
How Do You Feel About The Open Thread Post Post Post blah blah blah
I'm a regular reader and I was insulted
I'm a regular reader and I was not insulted
You don't have any regular readers
You're lucky Google search sends you anyone at all
I am a paranoid, cave-dwelling troglodyte and I've contacted my attorney
I don't participate in polls
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