Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Cruiser and the Cat

A few days ago I bought Jacob the Syrian Hamster one of those clear, plastic balls he could run around in. He took to it right away. I call it The Cruiser. K T Cat just came into the bedroom where Jacob is cruisin' in The Cruiser and she doesn't know what to make of it at all. Here was a yummy rodent protected by a massive, plastic sphere rushing this way and that across the floor. She backed off, but watched with huge, saucer eyes.

If I had a decent video camera, I'd get it on YouTube to share. As it is, I'll have to play with my digital camera that has a low quality, 30-second movie capability tomorrow night and see what I can do.

The Cruiser is way cool.

Update: I took a video of The Cruiser and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see it here.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Careful... Mom's cousin lefted her hampster in one of those, an they founded it at the bottom of the stairs, empty, wif a smilin cat nearby. Nefur found the hampster. Are you payin atention KT?

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the tip, Victor! I always keep The Rodent under close supervision.

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