Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rex Grossman vs....

I'm sitting here watching the Patriots-Colts game. The Colts have just tied it 21-21. While the Saints lost badly today, that game could best described as the Bears just standing around while the Saints shot themselves in the right foot, then the left foot and finally in the head. Rex Grossman was simply dreadful.

As I watch this game, all I can think is that the Bears will get crushed in two weeks. Rex Grossman vs. Peyton Manning? Peyton is running wild, ripping the Patriots to shreds. Rex Grossman vs. Tom Brady? Let's see here, Tom Brady's postseason record is what, 11-1 or something? He'll destroy the Bears.

Update: It's going to be Rex Grossman vs. Peyton Manning. I think it will look something like this. (Hint: Rex is the deer.)

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Southern Girl said...

Yay! Go Peyton and the Colts! What a great, nerve-shattering game. :)