Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Funny

I'm blessed to go to a church with a great priest, Father Dennis Clark. He opens every homily with a joke that cuts to the heart of the issue of the day. He also podcasts his sermons and publishes them in pdf format. He's the best. Here's his joke from last week.

A financial wizard was giving his young son his first lesson on life in the world of big business. “There are two things that are absolutely essential, if you want to succeed in business,” he said, “integrity and sagacity.”

“What’s integrity, dad?” asked the youngster.

“Integrity means no matter what, always keep your word.”

“And what’s sagacity?” asked the boy.

“Ah,” smiled the tycoon. “Sagacity means no matter what, never ever give your word!”
You can find the sermon here and the podcast here.

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