Thursday, January 11, 2007

Armed and Famous

Our Knight-Protector and Defender of Yarn Balls has a professional's take on the new pseudo-reality series, Armed and Famous.

I watched the pilot episode tonight. I was surprised at how well most of them did. Eric Estrada had the advantage I think. After playing Ponch on CHiPS, it was easier for him to get into the mindset. Some of the others I'm not so sure would have made it if they hadn't had a lot of help.
I don't think I'm going to watch the series, but I thought of him when I saw the ads on TV. Here are some questions for our Knight-Protector. How far are these guys going to go? What situations would you absolutely not put them in if you were in charge? What do you think they could handle?

When I saw the ad for the show with the little dude working on martial arts, giving the knee to a practice bag, all I could think was that I would kick his butt. He's got no range at all. He'd be smacked a dozen times before he got close enough to do anything. He can't use those knees, either, since he can't get any higher than your thigh. I guess if it was me, I would teach him Tai Chi and not waste my time with anything else. His only hope would be to use his opponent's momentum and his own leverage to bring the guy down.

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Unknown said...

From what I can gather, the celebrities completed the entire police academy requirements. That means they have the same level of training and certification as the regular Muncie police officers.

As to what situations I wouldn't put them in: I wouldn't put them in any high-risk situation. For example, if we were going to serve a warrant at a known drug house where the suspects are known to be armed. Those situations are dangerous enough as it is. I might use them later to transport the subjects to lockup but definately wouldn't be part of the take down.

Given the right training and mentorship, they should be able to handle anything the regular rookies can. I got tossed into traffic stops, domestics, burglary, etc as soon as I graduated the Academy. The celebs should be able to handle it as well.

I don't know about all departments but I know "Wee-man" wouldn't have made the height requirement in either of the departments I've worked for. Both departments have a minimum height of 5'2". I'm sure Jason is doing the best he can but if I was getting my arse kicked by a 6'5" 300lb drunk, I'd want someone bigger as my backup.

I don't believe Ms. Jackson would have made it either. She's to prissy IMO. And what's with the fear of cats??? Dogs I could understand.

Trish Stratus on the other hand... Wow! Not only is she a very attractive lady, I think she would have no problems kicking my tail. With her experience in the WWE, she's got a good background in hand-to-hand tactics. Wrestling may be fake but you still have to know how to do the moves.