Friday, January 12, 2007

Art by Christel

This is a pay per post ad. And it was a lot of fun to do!

Christel is an artist. Her work is cheery and whimsical. You can find it at She's got plenty of images posted on her flikr galleries. Here were some of my favorites.

I've had a thing for buddhas for quite a while. This would be great in my bedroom.

If my daughter was just a little younger, I'd put this one in her bedroom.

OK, I have to admit. I'm laughing as I write this. I love her work! So much of it is perfect for this blog. That address again was Check these out.


Send more minions to the tuna mines! I've eaten everything we have.

Maui no ka oi.

Once again, that was Click now, automated software agents are standing by!

Great stuff, Christel. I think I'll steal one of them to use on my blog sidebar. With a link to your site, of course!


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

I love whimsical art - the dog is fabulous, no matter how old your daughter (I think :)

mog said...

I like this one, is also appropriate.