Thursday, January 11, 2007

Having Fun Again

Around the beginning of the year I laid out the plans for The Scratching Post for 2007. Now that I'm posting whatever I want whenever I want, I'm having a lot more fun. I've got posts pre-written and scheduled in advance now. I used to have problems some mornings writing just one per day.

I believe that each of us have a limited amount of psychic energy to spend each day. I don't mean psychic in an ESP sense, but in a cognitive sense. If you spend that energy worrying and fretting, you don't have it to spend being creative. I spent way too much time trolling for links and hits and didn't have energy left to be fun. The ironic thing is that now that I'm not worrying about content, my hit count has increased substantially.

One other thing I've done on the blog is to use my Feline Theocracy names for my friends and not worry whether anyone knows who it is. I used to write both names. It felt clumsy, but I worried that people might want to know just who this "Poet Laureate" fellow was. There's that energy being spent on worry again. Now that I just use the Theorcracy's titles, I think my prose is tighter and the blog is more thematically consistent.

Another thing I'm going to start is blogversations. Through the blogosphere, we have access to experts of all stripes. For example, our Knight-Protector is a cop and our Keeper of the Catacombs is a geologist. I'm going to write posts that ask them questions and start a dialog on our blogs. I want to learn from them and see how far it goes.

Blogging is fun again.


Kukka-Maria said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad you have found peace in all of this. I know how stressed you've been.

I say that if they want to know who the people (and creatures) are in the Feline Theocracy, they should read around your blog and learn.

I mean, I know they know who I am, but you know...

And congrats on your psychic abilities. While I know you said "not ESP," I am reading your mind right now and I see it is! :)

K T Cat said...

Feline Empress, everyone knows who you are. It's not a fair comparison. Of course, we can hardly blame you for having been born with beauty, talent and brains.