Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bringing a Little bit of Venezuela into your Home

Leftists around the world rejoice in the direction that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is taking his country. Today's Wall Street Journal discusses his latest plans to nationalize telecommunications and electricity. Glorious, comrade! It's worked so well in Cuba, let's repeat it in Venezuela. Go team!

My favorite parts of the article were the quotes from Mr. Chavez and his cronies henchmen fellow lunatics government officials.

Mr. Chávez, whom the ailing Cuban leader sees as the successor to his revolutionary mantle in Latin America, used a speech yesterday to his new cabinet members to flaunt his ties to Mr. Castro. He ended his speech using the Cuban's signature sign-off: "Fatherland or death, we will triumph!" Mr. Chávez's longtime ally, former Vice President José Vicente Rangel, chimed in at the ceremony with another signature Castro phrase: "Always towards victory, Comandante!"
If this works at the national level, why shouldn't it work at the personal level? I suggest that my leftist readers apply this at home.

On Saturdays when there is yard work to be done, exhort your kids to help with a mighty call of, "Weeding or death, we will triumph!"

When the dishes need to be done, your spouse should let loose a booming, "Always towards victory (and clean dishes), Comandante!"

What could be more inspiring than that? In the end, you will have achieved true leftist victory. You'll know you have reached it when your house looks like this.

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Kelly the little black dog said...

I have a friend who recently came back from Venezuela where they worked as a contractor. They were there to retrain the entire technical staff because the old timers were purged when Hugo came into office. Smart move. They said the capital city was a toxic nightmare from the oil industry. The neighboring lake was nearly dead from contamination. All the computer monitors had a portrait of Hugo as the background. My friend, who originally from an eastern european country said it gave them flashbacks of the Soviet era. They even were under the impression that their email was bugged. Hardly a workers paradise! My favorite story was about the Venezuelan co-workers not wanting to speak english to my friend, even though they were fluent and my friend knew no spanish. My friend informed the co-workers that they could either speak english or my friend would speak Czech.