Monday, January 08, 2007

More Bad News for the Networks

This story in the Wall Street Journal has to have the major TV networks reeling.

LAS VEGAS -- Sony Corp. says it will help users of its televisions watch video from the Internet, joining rivals as they aim to capitalize on the growing popularity of video clips online.

The Japanese electronics company plans to equip most of its televisions this year with an attachable module that can receive Internet video content with the touch of a remote-control button, company executives said as part of announcements pegged to the Consumer Electronics Show here.
What has saved them from facing the competition of the Army of Davids up to now has been access. Not all consumers had access to Web 2.0, but practically all had access to a TV. As the major TV manufacturers bring Internet TV into the living room, little Katie Couric and the rest will be just one more channel in a sea of millions and millions of channels.

Sounds good for content creators. Like bloggers.

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