Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Post Mog WOG Analysis

Today I did a World of Good (WOG) about Mog.

Since it was about Mog, that makes it a Mog WOG.

In corporatespeak, a Naturally Occurring Group is a bunch of people that get together normally and is called a NOG. That makes the readers a part of the Mog WOG NOG.

As important as they are, they are only part of the WOG machinery. A gear in the engine, if you will. That makes them a Mog WOG NOG cog.

When Bruiser or Kelly read it, they will each be a Mog WOG NOG cog dog.

As much as we love them, Bruiser and Kelly are still dogs. Being canines, they live in a constant state of bewilderment. You can tell this because they’re always tilting their heads to one side in confusion. They live in a Mog WOG NOG cog dog fog.

When the snow melts and the rains come, Bruiser and Kelly will live in a Mog WOG NOG cog dog fog bog.

When the tadpoles grow up in the bogginess where they live, Bruiser and Kelly will be beset by their croaking which will confuse him further. They will be in a Mog WOG NOG cog dog bog frog fog.

Of course, both will tell you all about it, each in a Mog WOG NOG cog dog bog frog fog blog.

You’re welcome.


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And if they found a log in the bog... It would leave us all agog.