Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some People are Never Satisfied

Al Gore is always going on about overpopulation and global warming. Now we find out that one solves the other.

As many as 87,000 extra deaths a year would occur annually by 2071, assuming a three degree centigrade temperature rise. If efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions limit the rise to 2.2 degrees, additional mortalities would be 36,000 a year.
Make up your freakin' mind. Either there are too many people (none of them in Al's family, all of them in yours) or there is too much global warming.

As an aside, years ago I stumbled across Al giving an impassioned speech about overpopulation on C-Span. As he went on and on about how many excess people there were, his audience all nodded appreciatively. None of them reached the logical conclusion that some of them were excess. I wanted to see lots drawn at the end of the speech and a bunch of them taken out back and shot.

H/T: Our College of Cardinals.


Jake Silver said...

I'm a big fan of Gore... wish he'd run again... but you have a great point.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what bothers me most about Global warming. The expanded growing season or the reduced need for fuel oil and coal to heat homes.