Saturday, January 13, 2007

Armed and Famous Reprise

Following a post by our Knight-Protector, I had some questions about the new reality series, Armed and Famous. If you haven't seen the ads, the show is about four celebrities becoming real life cops. I don't plan on watching it, but it raised some interesting points. Here's some of what our Defender of Yarn Balls had to say.

As to what situations I wouldn't put them in: I wouldn't put them in any high-risk situation. For example, if we were going to serve a warrant at a known drug house where the suspects are known to be armed. Those situations are dangerous enough as it is. I might use them later to transport the subjects to lockup but definately wouldn't be part of the take down.

Given the right training and mentorship, they should be able to handle anything the regular rookies can. I got tossed into traffic stops, domestics, burglary, etc as soon as I graduated the Academy. The celebs should be able to handle it as well.
I was surprised that newbies get thrown into domestic disputes. I had thought they were considered very dangerous.

My initial intel said the stars had completed the ENTIRE police academy curriculum. As it turns out, they didn't even do HALF. Further information indicates neither "Wee-man" nor Latoya would have made it through the full Academy (Wee-man because of his height and Ms. Jackson simply because she apparently doesn't have what it takes).
He's got a lot more. Sounds like the cops in Muncie are unhappy with the show. Read the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

So what's wrong being a midjet? If I am a midjet I can't become a police officer. I love watching Armed and Famous? So how true that the MPD is unhappy about it? sources? I don't see anything wrong with it. Each celebrity is doing their job well.

K T Cat said...

You are reasoning reductio ad absurdum. If I say that midgets are severely disadvantaged in hand-to-hand combat, then I am saying something is wrong with midgets. That's not at all what I am saying and you know it.

Each of us has limitations, both physical and mental. I will never be able to swim the English Channel and I won't get my PhD in math. There is nothing wrong with me, I just won't be able to do these no matter how hard I try.

I've done martial arts for a long time. Range and quickness count for a lot. Mr. Midget is going to catch the heel of my foot in his forehead before he gets close enough to do anything. There's nothing wrong with him, it's just the way things are.

As for the Muncie PD being unhappy, go check out our Knight-Protector's blog. I'm not surprised that within the professional community the show has caught some flak.

You should see what we think of JAG.

Navy JAGs flying jets? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR! A better show would to have the JAG on the selection board for the base janitorial services contract where three minority, disabled, veteran small businesses are competing. See the JAG examine the contract clauses! Thrill as the JAG looks up possible avenues of contractor complaints! Look on in wonder as the JAG stops what he's doing to take on-line Lean Six Sigma training!


Anonymous said...

If there is some time where the police officers life is in danger, will WeeMan be able to tackle a guy? Will he be forced to pull out a gun and shoot when a normal sized cop could have subdued him? It is very risky to have people like LaToya and WeeMan on this show.

Anonymous said...

Well I like the show. The first 2 episodes are ok. I love Trish Stratus. She tops all of them. Maybe just maybe if she's will continue being a cop she may pass the real test because of her WWE experience. It will be easy for her to tackle a guy or outrun them in a running chase. Jack Osbourne is good to but I think his father Ozzy wont let him. Overall it's a good show.