Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inc Paradise Blog Review

This is a Pay Per Post Ad.

Thanks to Beautiful Heather, our Holy Canadian Scholar, Eh?, we have now started doing some Pay Per Post (PPP) work. I'm being pretty picky about what I post, since this blog's integrity is very important to me.

Through PPP I've come across the Inc Paradise's Small Business Blog. It's good enough that I probably would have added them to my homemade portal under business blogs had I run across them naturally. Small Business Blog gives free business info for, what else, small businesses.

I've got a favorite post from the ones on his front page. It's about small business owners working themselves to the bone. Here's some of the data.

Nearly one in five managers admit to reading work-related e-mail and documents while in the bathroom and nearly half work while driving.
Nearly two-thirds of managers work well beyond a 40-hour week, and one in five work a double week, logging an extra 40 or more on-the-job hours.
My boss does both of these. It may knock off some of the urgent items on his to do list, but it doesn't contribute to strategic thinking or creativity. In fact, I would argue that it actually detracts from it.

As in other books dealing with similar subjects, Napolean Hill's Think and Grow Rich discusses the importance of the subconscious working on problems while you play or relax. When I see people working in a constant frenzy all I can think of is the conversation going on within the person's brain.

Conscious: Have you solved that problem for me yet?

Subconscious: How can I? You won't go away and leave me alone to work on it!

Think about this. If you were hit by a truck tomorrow, the world would keep turning. Those pesky emails on your Blackberry would go unanswered and...Armageddon would not commence! Get over yourself. The emails can wait. Let your subconscious work in peace for a while. Trust me, you'll make more profit that way. How? Well, the biggest drain on profit for an individual is a divorce. Your spouse is the most important component of your career. Put the Blackberry down and go have a pillow fight with the kids or go window shopping with your mate. You'll end up richer.

As a final note, the only thing I would change about that blog would be to add trackbacks. I'm linking to one of his individual posts and he can't accept trackbacks. Add that and you're golden.

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Heather in Beautiful BC said...

That is one well written, interesting ad - I'll bet Paradise loves it!!!

Okay, I'm off now to have a pillow fight with my husband :)

Beautiful Heather, the Holy Canadian Scholar, eh?