Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finally, Some Europeans with a Spine

The skillet licking, namby-pamby mama's boys across the pond are finally standing up to the Islamists in their midsts. Yes, those smelly, haughty wieners with the moist, limp handshakes have found their spines. "This far and no more!" they cry out.

What am I talking about? Well, the largest organized, non-Muslim religion with any kind of energy or self-confidence in Europe, the wacko animal rights activists, are protesting the ritual slaughter of sheep by Muslims. Here's a bit from an article in today's Wall Street Journal.

Living cheek by jowl in Brussels with the many bureaucrats who run the European Union, Muslims in the city turned an estimated 25,000 sheep toward Mecca this year and cut their throats to celebrate the story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son to God. Eid al-Adha commemorates God's reprieve which allowed Abraham to kill a ram instead of his son. While some, like Mr. Mimoun, head to official slaughterhouses, many Muslims, fearing long waits, kill their sheep illegally in their backyards and basements instead.
The animal rights activists take issue with the fact that some of the sheep aren't stunned or tranquilized before their throats are slit. Instead, these animals simply have their heads hacked off in a religious frenzy.

Sort of like American contractors in Iraq. You remember all of the animal rights crowd donning Halliburton uniforms, spraying themselves with red paint and holding dead-ins at the mosques in Brussels, don't you?

Neither do I.

Apparently it's become the Islamist equivalent of the Christmas shopping rush at the mall. Only with more blood and knives. (Hey, what did you expect? We're not talking about Presbyterians here.)

The rush to slaughter so many sheep within hours led to catastrophe during last year's festival. A temporary slaughterhouse became overwhelmed with long lines and malfunctioning water and drainage systems. In a hurry to get home, some celebrants began slaughtering sheep on top of live sheep as large pools of blood formed.
Here's a great bit.

While Muslim authorities in France sanction the use of electronic stunning methods, Muslim authorities in Belgium forbid it. For the sacrifice to be completed in accordance with Islam, says Mr. Beyazg├╝l, the lamb must die from a loss of blood while its head is turned toward Mecca in Saudi Arabia, birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad. Stunning the animals before slitting their throats, he says, could lead to the animal dying prematurely, against Islamic principles.
I can see a great confluence of tolerance and liberal values coming together to solve this problem.

How about if we have the euthanasia crowd mix soporific cocktails to give to cloned sheep for the Muslims to slaughter? It's a triple play! That would solve all kinds of problems at once and we'd never have to worry about having a large number of crazed, blood-soaked fanatics wielding machetes next door to us ever again.

That is, until they celebrate the Muslim festival of Jihad. Then we might have some problems.

As an aside, did Abraham ever sacrifice a Renault to God? That might explain European scenes like this.

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Kelly the little black dog said...

Islam has a pretty bad record with the treatment domestic animals, especially
. When I read about this sort of behavior I'm reminded of children and their reaction to cooties.
There seems to be an obsession of where or not something is unclean and to use that argument for mistreatment.