Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Gives With NFL Field Pass?

I am one unhappy rodent. Here I go and buy NFL Field Pass for the year so I can listen to my beloved New Orleans Saints and a day comes when I can't tune into the game because I have to go to Mass and then to my daughter's soccer game. No worries, I've got NFL Field Pass which lets me listen to archived games, right?


I get home and find out the Saints crushed the 49ers and Drew Brees threw for over 360 yards. Fantastic! I pop open an Abita Turbo Dog beer and kick back to listen to the archived game and what do I get? "We're sorry, this game is not on the air. Please tune back during broadcast hours."

Broadcast hours? What broadcast hours? If the games are archived, how can their be broadcast hours? I want to hear the darned archived broadcast!


Update: OK, I'm good. The archived broadcast is up and I'm tuned in at 5:15PM on Sunday. Way cool. Geaux Saints!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm having the same issue trying to tune into the Saints Monday nighter. Hopefully the game will be up soon- don't give away the score, I don't know it yet :)