Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight on CSI:NY

... a whole bunch of people being slaughtered and/or tortured in new and vile ways.

I just sat through my first full episode of CSI:NY. I can't think of any reason to watch anything so hideous. The show is beyond parody or satire. It was so utterly horrific that I don't want to pollute this blog with a prose description of the episode. The whole thing was sickening. I need a psychic shower. I need something light and pleasant. Something like this.

There. I feel better. Don't you?


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I do. Thank you.

Rose said...

'Member T.J. Hooker? The first 5 minutes were always killing women whose only crime was they were pretty. Nobody batted an eyelash. That was the beginning of the end of my TV watching. Though I still dabble and the original CSI was intriguing.

But CSI has gone formulaic, and once a show does that, it's worthless, loses its punch and creativity.