Monday, September 22, 2008

A Thought on Las Vegas

Last night we drove back to San Diego from Las Vegas after having a fantastic time at Blogworld Expo. Las Vegas is positively marinated in porn. It's everywhere you look. The billboards, the news stands, the ads on buses and cabs, it's everywhere. There's even a chain of coffe shops called Sexpresso (I just found out these started in the Pacific Northwest - here's a blog post with some photos). Driving by a Sexpresso in Vegas, we saw a girl in a leather teddy and fishnet stockings walk out of the store, dance around in front of the door and then go back in. It may have been the least sexy thing I have ever seen in my life.

As we drove back to San Diego and we were passing through Temecula, I wondered if people living in Vegas who didn't travel much, felt a massive culture shock when they visited places like Des Moines or San Diego. Do they get off the plane and on the way to their hotel begin to wonder, "Where's all the porn?" Do they miss it? Do they think we're weird?


Anonymous said...

Vegas is, as far as I know, America's only created city. I suppose Disney World outside Orlando is the closest comparison.

It's a theme park for tourists with unresolved addictive personalities.

Every time I hear "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.", I can't help but murmur "Thank God".

Even the restaurants suck.

Foxfier said...

The strip is its own world.

Same way that the appartment buildings filled with college kids are totally different from the town at large. ;^p

(My aunt has worked and lived in Reno long time. Her sons grew up there. They're better Catholics than I am.....)