Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sarah Palin Seems to be Winning Over Some Democrats

Dig the comment thread underneath this particularly nasty and dismissive attack on Sarah Palin over at TalkLeft.

Just so you don't have to read the long-winded and unpleasant post, here's the synopsis. Like Thomas Eagleton, George McGovern's ill-starred running mate, Sarah Palin will drop out of the race shortly. A laundry list of unpleasant trivia is given. This bit from Barack Obama is held up as a good example of him defending his lack of experience.
Obama is being interviewed by Anderson Cooper about Gustav. Anderson's last question was how he would answer those who say that Gov. Palin, as mayor of a small town and Gov. of Alaska, has more experience than he does. He didn't miss a beat. He smiled and said Palin's town of Wasilia, Alaska had 50 employees. His campaign has 2500. The town's budget is about $12 million a year. His budget is 3 times that per month.
Now go take a look at the comment thread. Note that you need to be a registered member of TalkLeft to comment. I read that site from time to time and have never seen a conservative troll pop up. These are all true-blue Democrats.

Update: The Confederate Yankee has the ultimate deconstruction of the TalkLeft post. Read the comments in the TalkLeft piece first, then check this out.


Rose said...

Barack's talking about his CAMPAIGN budget - which only underscores that his main experience is in running for office.

K T Cat said...

He also talked about her experience as a mayor, not as governor. Of course Anderson Cooper let that one go by...

Dean said...

I read quite a bit of the comment thread. Bell weather...? Very interesting.

Rose said...

He also referred to her hometown as Wasilly.

Slip of the tongue - probably. But no doubt the way it's being discussed in private.

Rose said...

The comments on that post actually are pretty much in line with what I am hearing out and about.

Only the hard-core politicos are buying into the Palin bashing.

The question of her experience is usually answered, each person in their own way, and most do not find her wanting.

I think you are right, KT.