Saturday, September 06, 2008

For the Love of God, Turn the Teleprompter Back On!

Barack Obama was allowed to speak without electronic help again and this time he produced this.
ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Reports: Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is a "skilled politician," but the country doesn't know much about her yet, said Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in an interview that will air tomorrow exclusively on "This Week."

But Obama refused to say Palin is qualified to be president, and claimed that picking Palin brings Republican presidential nominee John McCain closer to President Bush.

"He chose somebody who may be even more aligned with George Bush – or Dick Cheney, or the politics we’ve seen over the last eight years – than John McCain himself is," said Obama.
OK, OK, Obamazombies, take a deep breath. Maybe we can work through this one and find some truth behind it.

Let's see here, Bush is a biped, Sarah Palin is a biped. They both are carbon-based lifeforms. They both breathe a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Both are...

Oh who are we kidding? He's a total idiot! We can never let him run off unscripted ever again!

Whenever he faces perpendicular to the wind, his head makes a whistling noise.


flavorhunter said...

What's the problem? After all Dick Cheney has been pretty much hiding out from the press the moment he took office. Looks like Sarah Palin is gearing up to do the same in her effort to keep from the scrutinizing media during the campaign (certainly never unscripted with George S!). Bush indulges in partisan rancor as Sarah is clearly becoming adept in doing.

Honestly, why is this so dumb?

A curious "Obamazombie".

JorgXMcKie said...

I dunno. Why did the Democrats nominate another stumbling,fumbling product of machine politics? One who plays the race card continuously?

And where is Michelle? Why hasn't she done more interviews with the 'tough' press?

And why *doesn't* the MSM get to choose the President? Who are you ignorant gun- and religion- clinging hicks who think you should get a vote?

And why not put the American flag with the trash?

Honestly, why is the Left so stupid?

A curious "non-Stalinist".