Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oprah Endorses Obama and a Massive Derailment Ensues

It's like a trainwreck over at Oprah's site. The comments are simply too horrible to describe and yet I can't look away. Click on the image to go see for yourself. Let the rest of us know how many kernels of popcorn you ate err pictures of trainwrecks you looked at err pages of Oprah-trashing comments you read.

H/T: Jessica's Well.


Rose said...

Oh, dang, you have to log in to comment - not that anyone will get to it, that thread is so-o-o-o-o long...

This is what I would have posted - true story: My 10 year old was gone camping this week and missed all the hype. She got home yesterday and caught snippets of the news as she ran in and out of the house. But at one point she stopped, and looked at me and said - "They said they wanted a woman elected, but they didn't mean it. If Hillary was a Republican they wouldn't have voted for her at all."

I said, "You're right." She doesn't miss a thing, that one.

Ohioan@Heart said...

Wow... There is some signifcant backlash out there over this. I went over and browsed a random-ish sample. A couple things jumped out.

First, there are (at 10PM on Saturday night - yeah OK I have no life) 154 pages of comments at 15 per page. That's over 2300 comments. They are overwhelmingly negative towards the wonderful Miss O. And that's among people that read that blog...

Second, people are clearly past the point of being fooled by all this obvious one-sidedness in the media. (Rose - your daughter is dead right, and quite sharp!).

Third, I can't wait to see what the polls say over the next few weeks.

K T Cat said...

I went through about ten pages of them. They read quickly and they all fit a couple of categories. The depth of the anger is remarkable. What's also remarkable is how aggrieved they all are to be women. Oprah is reaping what she sowed. After years of telling women that they were mistreated, they all feel that way and are now filled with rage that she has betrayed her sex for her race.

Identity politics is a harsh master.

Rose said...

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Rose said...

Here's a few more - the last one takes a while to listen to - but you might wanna take the time...

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ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of oprah news summaries: