Monday, September 22, 2008

How do you buy from Amazon?

After hearing a recommendation for the book Groundswell at Blogworld and then getting another recommendation from a friend, I just went over to Amazon and bought the thing. When I buy products from Amazon, I always look at the user reviews. The only reviews I read are the 1 star reviews. I look for common themes in the 1 star reviews where people are really unhappy with the product. If there is a theme, I decide whether or not I can live with that flaw.

How do you buy from Amazon?

Groundswell, by the way, has 39 reviews. 29 5 stars, 9 4 stars and 1 3 star review. There are no bad reviews for it.


DammitWomann said...

I don't check the reviews. I generally have heard about the book from trusted friends or already read about the story line somewhere.

Of course, I just love to read.

Rose said...

I read the reviews, and like you, if there's a theme, I pay attention to that

And I appreciate the warnings people give.

Worst book I bought, and I bought it anyway - was Lakoff's "Don't Think of An Elephant" 'cause he's the bible for some of the activist types and you have to get an idea what they are thinking.

You think Biden just came up with that Patriotic paying taxes thing? Nope. That's the Lakoff mindset.

Foxfier said...

I know what I want, decide that it's cheaper to buy off Amazon than to drive all over (usually for books in series I really like) and pre-order the thing 5 months in advance...then I'm surprised when it shows up. *grin*

Gee Why said...

What? You didn't buy the book using my Amazon link? ;)

Foxfier said...

Guessing from the borderline hate mail I get from Amazon, nobody even *looks* at amazon via my links!

(which I don't really mind, I mostly have them around for ease of use)