Sunday, December 30, 2007

Should I Be Worried?

My son is reading The Catholic Youth Bible as part of his religion class at school. It's no ordinary Bible, though. It's revised. Revised?!? Just what did they change? Should I be worried?

Man, I sure hope there's something in it about the Feline Theocracy!


Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

Always made me a bit nervous:

"Revised- To reconsider and change or modify"

But, since Ancient Aramaic, Greek, Latin and Hebrew somehow missed my list of "must have" fluencies, I s'pose I'll have to stick with my old King James.

Never really cared for updating...

Enough was lost in the original translations and edits. I don't need any more.

"And He fed the multitude with one can of Energy drink and one Big Mac".


Jeff Miller said...

There is one based on the NAB which is a tone-deaf translation and one based on the New Revised Standard Version. The NRSV is not approved for liturgical use in the United States because of its use of inclusive language.

Regardless the notes and commentary for both editions is full of politically correct and watered down commentary on Church teaching. So any edition is not very good.

Unfortunately there just are no good Catholic bibles with commentaries specifically for youth.

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is not yet available as one book yet, though each of the individual books are great since they use the RSV-CE 2nd Edition along with great commentary from Scott Hahn and others.

K T Cat said...

There's a lot of commentary in the thing, explaining this or that passage. I'm sure that's what it means by "revised." At least that's what I hope.


K T Cat said...

Jeff, thanks for the heads up on this one.

Justin said...

Wait... Catholics have different bibles? I always thought they were all the same. Hm... learn somethin new every day.

Foxfier said...

Justin-- not sure if you're joking, but the Catholic bible has a bunch more books than the King James Version, and it also has some different translations.
if you really want more information.

K T Cat said...

foxfier, thanks for pointing that out and giving us that link. I hadn't seen that before.