Sunday, December 09, 2007


It was a beautiful sunset tonight, the first really good one we've had in a while and I missed it because I was away from home doing something fun. I'm very sorry. It would have been great for both photo and video.

I promise I won't miss one ever again. Instead, I will sit at home every night waiting for a good sunset to photoblog. Really. I'll just sit in my chair looking out the window waiting for a sunset.


Anonymous said...

1. Good to see you support Fred Thompson. :)
2. Yes, when we start to blog for money we lose the fun of blogging. I've always been careful not to think about ads while writing -- so I still write only about that which I still really enjoy writing. :)
(btw -- I'm is from shaunconnell dot com/make-money-online)

Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

K T......Hey, what? Did you forget Wollf has your "six"?

We have a three minute lag between "Dago Sunset and Thousand Oaks, I'm a bit further West, so if you have a Senior moment and forget, just let me know, I'll run out and snap it for you.......

Just photoshop a couple Palm trees into the pic I forward, and Nobody will know the difference.

Well....except for all your friends that read this comment.