Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why I Will Leave the Republican Party if Mitt Romney is Nominated

The Boston Herald summarizes it pretty well today in an editorial called "Mitt has a Dream."
He dreams that Americans will find him so dreamy they won’t even notice that he’ll say virtually anything - anything at all - to realize his dream of becoming president.
No way. I won't be a member of a party that has that creep at the top of the ticket. I wasn't a big fan of either of the Bushes and I wasn't enthusiastic about Bob Dole, but they had integrity. Mitt has none.

My primary candidates have always lost badly, so I guess I'm way out of step with the rest of the country. Before Fred Thompson, I was a big fan of Pete duPont and Steve Forbes. They were all strong on defense and firm against more government programs. They also went down to defeat clinging to their principles.

Romney has no such baggage. Abortion? Guns? Taxes? Iraq? Pick your subject and Mitt has a position to agree with you. Ask him a simple yes/no question and you get a 5-minute answer that can be interpreted any way you choose.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are completely clueless when it comes to economics. Take a look at California. With a bigger economy than most nations, California's budget has been run by a Democrat legislature for decades. We're now facing, what, a $10B budget deficit? What's their response? Health care for all! Rather than accuse them (and yet one more squishy Republican as our governor) of mendaciously buying votes while wrecking the economy like Hugo Chavez, I'd rather attribute it to sheer stupidity. They will never be the answer until they figure out this logic:

if (spending) > (income) then (big problems).

So that leaves us with the Republican party as the only hope for a country that's racing towards bankruptcy, just a decade or so behind the French and the Germans who are finding out that wild spending binges lead to massive financial hangovers. What will the Republican party have to trade upon when it all starts to go sour, just a few years from now?

Integrity. Did you stand for something? Did you foresee the problems and act to stop them? Did you put the nation's best interests ahead of your own?

Mitt Romney, frantically pandering to every special interest group except the atheists, can't answer yes to any of those questions. He's not alone. For the last Republican congress and George W. Bush, the answer is clearly "No." They spent like crazy with new entitlement programs and lavish increases in every area. When the money starts getting scarce because the government can no longer steal from Social Security, who will listen to a pack of spenders who helped shovel the cash out the door?

And who will listen to Mitt Romney? He helped create a health care plan in Massachusetts whose costs were back loaded, designed to crush the state after he left to go campaign for president. And who would listen to him anyway when his words are worth less than sand? As the political winds blow, so goes his rhetoric.

Integrity and consistency of message will mean everything when the financial problems begin to wash over us. Mitt Romney is the exact opposite of what we need.

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directorblue said...

Any Republican candidate is better than Hillary, Barack or Silky Pony. That includes Mitt, whose wealth probably precludes him from being bought and sold by lobbyists.

Unlike, say, the DNC and the Clinton administration, which received donations from the Chinese military so they could gain access to missile technologies.

My hope and belief is that anyone who backs Fred could never back someone like Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Well written, well argued, well supported, and I heartily concur, effendi, because you have articulated my chief concerns, each in their turn, about the person, about the character, and about the empty centerlessness of Willard Milton Romney, a man who will say anything, and do anything, to get elected.

Anonymous said...

I second that. I've always been uneasy about Romney. I would vote for him though. Huck I will not pull the lever for.

YK said...

Cat why don't you sleep on your next posting before publishing it. Really, I have not seen a more incoherent rand in a long time.

Unknown said...

Take a look at 'Flip Flop Mitt"

And FDT on Federalism

K T Cat said...

krim, Romney, through his endless pandering and outright lying, will destroy the party's credibility precisely at the time when it is most needed. You cannot have a liar or party tainted by a liar tell the public hard truths.

The Germans are currently cutting back social services to the point where they are no operating soup kitchens because the transfer payments don't cover a full month's expenses. That's where we're headed, krim. Soup kitchens. Who will be the party to tell the public that we're heading there? The party of Mitt Romney?

You can support someone who will say absolutely anything to be elected. I expect more from the Republican party. If that's the way you want to go, you can all go there without me.

K T Cat said...

That was supposed to be "now operating soup kitchens."

Foxfier said...

Yeah, I have a bad feeling about Mr. Mitt myself.

Not as bad as about the Huck-- who I STILL say would be a good Demo nominee, in a sane place-- but a bad feeling.

Mitt is a slightly conservative Clinton. (without the rape charges)