Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When a Good Father Turns Evil

Yesterday, my daughter's school had one of those inexplicable in-service training days for the teachers so the kids had the day off. Why don't they do those during the Summer? In any case, I took my daughter and one of her friends down to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.

At first I was Good Dad and let them run around, pressing buttons and looking at lights. A bit before we had to go, however, I turned into Evil Dad and asked them to explain what they were seeing. You should have heard the terrified wailing of those two! "Why, Father," my daughter cried out, "what you ask is impossible! No human has yet uncovered the keys to the mysteries held inside these blinking lights and spinning wheels!" And then I did something most hideous of all.

I had them read the words on the posters around the exhibits where they were playing. It was horrible. I'm surprised Child Protective Services didn't swoop down upon me and carry me off. Perhaps, more justly, I should have been handed over to the curators at the Museum of Man to be stuffed and exhibited as "A Curious Species of Diabolical Father."

The Science Center in Balboa Park. A place of joy or a tomb of terror?

Since I was not apprehended, rest assured that I shall strike again, bringing despair into the hearts of these young ladies in other museums!

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