Monday, December 31, 2007

On Clarity

Yesterday I finally put my thoughts down on just why Mitt Romney makes me so sick that I would leave the Republican party and become an independent should he win the nomination. A fellow named krim left a comment on that post saying, "I have not seen a more incoherent rand (sic) in a long time." Bothered by his dismissal of the post, I went back and read it.

He was pretty much right on target.

Before I go further, let me summarize what I was trying to say. Mitt Romney's dishonesty and pandering will destroy the party's credibility just when we need it most. The country is in financial trouble because we have borrowed and spent ourselves deep into debt. We need a party that will have the courage and credibility to speak hard truths to the public. The Republican party, by nominating Mr. "Say Anything To Get Elected" Romney, will have said, "Mitt Romney is more important than the truth." Having done that, they will badly damage their ability to change our financial course and will be almost the same as the Democrats. If they want to go in that direction, they can go without me.

There. Was that clearer?

Writing essays like that guide a reader to go from your premise to your conclusion, connecting the dots along the way to arrive at your opinion. My dots are often too far apart as they were in that post. I've heard that (valid) criticism before.


Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

I followed your piece easily. (oops, that might actually support the criticism?)

Mitt the Twit seems very plastic to me also, but Do Not Bail. A Libertarian vote, as Noble and Honorable as it seems, is still a waste and more than likely helps the (Ptuuii), Liberal cause.

"Stay, be Good".

That is all.

C W Magee said...

Mitt is just cunning enough to realize that if we've had 16 years of saying anything to get elected, the technique is worth a shot.