Friday, December 28, 2007

The Dutch Attack the Islamofascists

...using probably the only weapon they actually have - comedy.

The Dutch government has had some public service ads made to warn against the dangers of fireworks. In these ads, they show a mythical and incompetent Islamic terrorist group creating a video threatening the West with a "Rain of Fire". The results are pretty funny, but for me, strangely disquieting. Dig this one.

This is all well and good until you realize that the real war in Europe is being lost. The Moslems are a growing and confident culture while the effete Europeans watch their populations shrink. Having eliminated themselves as a force in world affairs, they're reduced to making fun of everyone else.

If you think I'm being too harsh, try this thought experiment. What reaction would you have to this ad if the Dutch had one or two aircraft carrier battlegroups in the Persian Gulf? Not that they ever could have such power, but Europe as a whole could. Without an ability to project power, they're reduced to being stand up comedians. After we enjoy their act, someone still has to go out and actually get something done.

H/T: Hot Air.


Dean said...

"Bizarre" is the only word I can think of. THAT is how they intend on "confronting" jihadists? What purpose does it serve if they don't have the spine to back-up the satire?

Frankly, I'd be ashamed and embarrassed were my Government to put out something like that. Its as if they think its all a big game where sticking your nose up at the bad guy counts as a victory... "ha, ha, ha, look at the silly, backwards, non-progressive ragheads try to light-off a bottle rocket.."

I don't understand the logic... at all.

Anonymous said...

Netherlands: 1,345 troops (deployed 7/03 - withdrawn 3/05)

Of the 40 countries to deploy troops to Iraq, The Netherlands had more troops (1,345) on the ground (as opposed to offshore on a nice floating airport) than there are currently deployed by any of the surviving 21 forces except USA (154,000), UK (4,500), and Georgia (2,000).

A year after pulling out of Iraq they deployed 1,400 troops to the real "War on Terror"™ in Afghanistan.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I know the Dutch have been some of the good duys in the war, as opposed to the French and the Germans who have wet themselves and hidden under their beds.

I was just struck by the frivolousness of these ads in contrast to what the rest of the continent is doing.

Maybe a better take on it would have been to point out that the Dutch are in the fight against Islamofascism all the way from comedy to bullets. They do seem to get it.

As for the aircraft carrier comment, it was a symbolic one. I could just as easily have said "mechanized infantry division" or something like that, but I liked the Navy imagery better.