Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mitt Romney's Team Kicks Off Operation: Rat Filth

Patrick Ruffini, one of Mitt Romney's goons over at Hugh Hewitt's blog on the execrable townhall site, has launched what I've decided to call "Operation: Rat Filth." He is trying to lay out a plan for Mitt Romney to defeat John McCain in New Hampshire. Here's the gist of it.

I think the answer here is to attack his strength. Muddy the waters and contaminate his message.
Muddy things up and contaminate stuff. Doesn't that just scream rat filth to you?

Here, a Romney supporter emerges from the sewer system to contaminate things.

This course of action is necessitated by the fact that Mitt is just so gosh darn unlikeable. A recent Rasmussen poll found that he has the absolute worst positive-negative spread of any candidate running on either side. Add to that the fact that he's up against a war hero who spent years in a POW camp in Vietnam, being tortured for our freedom while Mitt was prancing about hectoring Europeans about the Nephites and Lamanites on a draft deferment and you're pretty much reduced to something like Operation: Rat Filth.

Go Mitt! I can't wait to see Operation: Rat Filth unfold!


BostonMaggie said...

I know everyone is going to attack their opponents, but to be so blatant....really is disheartening. does this guy seriously work for Romney or is he some kind of double agent? I would think if this was your plan, you'd keep it on the QT.

A Jacksonian said...

Hugh's site has gone off the deep end the past couple of months... Mitt Romney is a Grade C Governor from a liberal state and he back loaded the healthcare plan in MA so that the bulk of payments would not come until after he left office.

Ruffini's web rah-rah stuff is more than just mildly annoying: he doesn't seem to get that dKos is an echo chamber. We need *fewer* of those, not more. The growth of the web is no longer at big sites but in the 'halo' of small site to small site - these are interlocked, self-made communities. The future of the web is not centralized, and anyone who has bet otherwise has proven to be wrong. Myspace is an 'internal' community, cut-off from the outside for internal chatter. dKos is about the same. Ditto most of the 'community' sites I can think of.

Between Hugh's Mitt-smitten book hawking and Ruffini's wish for a lock-step site for the betterment of conservatism, I am really scratching my head. The partisans are missing something: the field on the R side is weak. It is even worse on the D side, come to think of it...

The two party power alignment of the Cold War no longer serves the Republic and a shake-up is coming. After decades of promising and not delivering on those the R party is in bad straights, the D party by promising and doing it so poorly on delivery is in worse straights. Deceit can be handled, incompetence is unforgiveable.

The time is coming to ask: 'what represents me in a political party'... not 'which political party represents me'. And that simple change in outlook changes everything.

B-Daddy said...

To stick to the issues, McCain will never get my vote, in the primaries at least, because of McCain-Feingold. I view that bill as an assault on the very freedoms that John McCain, Navy Pilot, POW, and hero, sacrificed so much defending. Why he would turn his back on our First Amendment rights eludes me.
BTW, I don't read Hugh Hewitt, so I can't comment on ethics of the attacks referenced on this site. But there seems a lot of misplaced vitriol sent Governor Romney's way. I also like the way that Rudy Giuliani handles himself when given tough questions. Neither guy seems as committed to limited government as I would like, but certainly more so than prominent Democrat running.

K T Cat said...

B-Daddy, Hugh's blog represents exactly what is wrong with Romney. The San Diego Union captured it perfectly today.

"Republicans have become a detached ruling elite like the Democrats that Reagan ran against. And they have alienated a chunk of the grass roots within their own party, and independents that Reagan had wooed in.

Republicans can win back the hearts and minds of Americans. But they have to get real and get honest. Unlike the former governor of Massachusetts."

A Jacksonian said...

I have pretty much had it with Elitist Republicans who belittle Americans in an attempt to curry some sort of 'progressive' favor... that goes double for the Elitist Progressive Democrats. The first shaking out of the post-cold war political system is pretty much laying waste to the current two parties, and they deserve it after turning off so many people from democracy in a two-party state. Hopefully we cans survive that to remember democracy is: highly accountable, low proportionality and local. Right now most of those got tossed out at the beginning of the 20th century so what we have is not anywhere close to democracy.