Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best Response Ever

Dig Fred's response to the question, "What is your favorite keepsake?"

Also, if you liked Fred smacking down the moderator in the last Iowa debate, here's a way to show it.


Anonymous said...

I never realised how liberal FoxNews was. I'll stop watching those pinkos immediately.

K T Cat said...

Any news outlet that doesn't begin its broadcast with a hymn of praise for Fred should be shut down immediately.


Rose said...

What're the odds, KT? With so many in the race and so much decided so early, before it even gets to us. I hate the idea of an early primary here, even though i see the desire to let California have a chance to weigh in before everyone drops out.

But an early primary is hell on other races, where, in a local race, someone running may take it in the primary then have almost a year to wait before taking office in January - or worse yet, they end up in a run-off, and are essentially running for more than a year.

The election process is grueling enough without adding to the length of it.