Sunday, December 23, 2007

You Know You've Lost Too Many Offensive Playmakers When You Have Plays Like This

From today's Saints-Eagles game:

2-10-NO 28 (1:48) (Shotgun) 9-D.Brees pass short right to 9-D.Brees to NO 36 for 8 yards.
Actually, the ball was batted up in the air and caught by Brees, but the Saints have lost Aaron Stecker (RB), Mike McKenzie (CB) and Marques Colston (WR) today in addition to Reggie Bush (RB) and Deuce McAllister (RB) earlier in the year. Like Saints broadcaster Jim Henderson said during the game, it's down to the Drew Brees show now.

Update: Aaron Stecker has returned to the game and just reeled off a 26 yard run down to the Eagle 7. Geaux Saints!

Update 2: The Saints just stalled out on the Eagles 1 yard line. With 2nd and goal on the 1, they couldn't punch the ball in. That's a spot where Deuce McAllister would have gotten in, but injured Aaron Stecker could not. It's time to start looking at possible draft choices for next year, I'm afaid.

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