Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mitt Romney Gives his Religion Speech

...and I'm not going to bother listening. I think the whole Mitt-is-a-Mormon thing is way overblown. I doubt that there's that big of a voting bloc in the primaries where this really matters. I know it doesn't to me. I'm for Fred Thompson because he is specific and clear on the issues and I agree with him, not because Mitt is a Mormon. What turns me off about Mitt is his pandering, Clintonesque demeanor. As one pundit put it, he comes across like a yacht salesman.


All the religion speeches in the world aren't going to change that image.


Dean said...

KT, Holy smokes... active today, are we? Let me try to catch my breath and catch up...

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that folks don't comment when they agree.... dude, totally agree with the non-factor that is Mitt's Mormonism. There is plenty to like/dislike without making an issue of that. Love him or hate him, the late Rev. Jerry Falwell put it best, "We're electing the Commander-in-Chief not the Sunday School Teacher-in-Chief".

K T Cat said...

Dean, I had the day off.

I really think the religion speech is a loser for him. The more I learn about his position in the Mormon Church and some of its teachings, the less I think he will benefit from talking about it. As far as I can tell, he's a bishop in the church. If that's the case, then it seems that theology questions are indeed valid.

JFK was just a church-going Catholic. You wouldn't expect him to be able to describe transubstantiation. If Mitt is a bishop in the church, then he can't expect the same kind of pass.

A Jacksonian said...

I don't really care what his religion is... apparently a few are stuck up on it to the point of forgetting history. Perhaps all the candidates could schedule a week in IA or NH or MI or SC or FL and just have nice go-around to each of their religious venues. There is history of that in the Republican party, to end such problems, but that would mean they would all want to end it and settle back to talking about policy.

But then I do have strange ideas on respecting the diversity of religion in this Nation.

Rose said...

Generally the rule is "if you respond, you lose" - but he did ok. I've only heard bits and pieces of it on the radio today, but he did ok. Now maybe the other rule will kick in - "any publicity is good publicity." Oddly, the benefit seems to be bouncing over to Huckabee.

K T Cat said...

I wish the benefits were bouncing over to Fred.