Monday, December 03, 2007

The Patriots are Guilty of Witchcraft

...there's just no other explanation for it. The Ravens had the game won four different times tonight and each time some dark, supernatural force intervened.

And then, milord, I saw Tom Brady speak to an imp on a toadstool and that imp did promise to smite the Ravens if Tom Brady would but bring him a schnauzer smoothie!


Dean said...

KT, what amazes me is that the antics of Bart Scott and the allegations of an NFL/Patriot conspiracy are letting that pompous ass, Brian Billick off the hook for going completely away from what had the Ravens a 7 pt. lead in the 4th: an effective running game and pressure on Tom Brady.

I'm utterly baffled that no one is talking about this in the post-game analysi.

They lost a game in Buffalo earlier in the season in the exact same manner.

Billick is a horrible coach who is getting a pass because of a Super Bowl victory in one of the flukiest NFL seasons ever.

K T Cat said...

I could not figure out why they went to a three man rush at the end. Even with that, they still had the game won three or four times.