Friday, December 14, 2007

Giving in to Temptation

Politics blogging is like eating Cheetos. It's easy and it tastes good in the moment, but it's pretty unsatisfying in the end.

Let's snark at everyone else. Yum yum!

There are a lot of posts I'd like to write that have much more substance, but these political ones just write themselves. They give you an opportunity to get all your snarks out and feel superior. It's nastiness and laziness all rolled into one. Doesn't that seem like some kind of sin? It kind of aggregates sloth, wrath and envy. Hmm. That doesn't sound very good.

While photographers for lurid magazines can make a living photographing gore-filled accidents, doesn't reading and participating in it warp your soul in the end?

Update: My own comments and some of the writing on this post were unpleasant. I've edited this and deleted the offensive remarks, most of which were my own. Wow. It really is a cause to sin.

Update 2: I just deleted the link in the Feline Theocracy that was tempting me to think and write such unpleasantness. To borrow from St. Mark, And if thine Feline Theocracy link lead ye to sin, delete it: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one less Feline Theocratician, than to be cast into hell fire.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you deleted the link to the romneyforpresident site. Nothing wrong with examining the facts and being an informed voter.

I'm not sure where you're coming from spiritually. But even Jesus got ugly with the Pharisees in the Bible. (Matthew 23) When He comes again, there will be lots of train wrecks. You were on the right track.

Eyes wide shut?

K T Cat said...

Anon, I hope you come back to this blog and comment more. I really appreciated your input and learned from it. As for my spiritual leanings, I'm a Catholic. It doesn't take much of a Google search to find out how Mitt and his crew think of me.

Even so, I have a tendency to want to win every argument in the worst way and this one was like shooting fish in a barrel. I became merciless and nasty. The theme of this blog is that kindness is the font from which civilization springs. When I get into political posts, that goes out the window.

I still don't like Mitt Romney as a candidate - I find him extremely disingenuous, but I won't be whacking him for his beliefs any more.