Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's No Fair - They Have Godzilla On Their Team

Today's Strategy Page has a post telling about the Japanese preparing to fend off an alien invasion.

December 21, 2007: The Japanese Minister of Defense is calling for efforts to work out the military and legal issues that would result if Japanese were attacked by extraterrestrials. Two members of the Japanese cabinet have expressed personal beliefs in the existence of extraterrestrials out there, somewhere. Because of Japans 1947 constitution, there are restrictions on what actions the military can take. Basically, the Japanese military is, technically, a purely defensive force. But an extraterrestrial invasion might play out in ways that would find the Japanese military prevented, by lawyers, from moving against an extraterrestrial menace.
Some people will no doubt criticize the US for not moving to prepare to fight off Martian invaders or other otherworldly attackers, but I would suggest that this is an unfair complaint.

After all, the Japanese have Godzilla on their side.

Talk about a ringer on your team!

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