Monday, January 30, 2012

If We Don't Defeat The Future, We Will Face Dinosaurs With Laser Guns

Can there be any doubt?

If this isn't an argument in favor of blowing hundreds of billions on pointless high-speed rail, nothing is. Without money, people of the future will be forced into subsistence farming and will be unable to develop laser guns and time travel!


Rose said...

My kids LOVED Dino Riders - and you should SEE the amazing new dinosaurs in the Target toy section! It's finally taken off, but with a new name.

K T Cat said...

Will they still love it when laser-armed dinosaurs are rampaging through the streets of Detroit?

Better yet, will they be able to tell the difference if laser-armed dinosaurs rampage through the streets of Detroit?

tim eisele said...

Sure, they'd be able to tell the difference! Laser-armed dinosaurs rampaging through Detroit would be a distinct improvement.