Friday, January 20, 2012

Greece Answers The Bain Layoff Questions

Mitt Romney's been routinely castigated for his brain-dead comment, "I like to fire people." It's been used as a clear example of how corporate tycoons destroy jobs without regards for the people involved. Romney, a horrific campaigner who can't manage to turn massive advantages into victory, is missing out on the best defense of his time at Bain.

When it comes to indiscriminate, heartless behavior, no one beats the government.

The BBC video on the rise of homelessness in Greece is not embeddable and I know many of you don't like to click on links, but I highly recommend clicking over there and watching it.

Defenders of capitalism want to talk about "creative destruction" and other esoteric concepts to ward off accusations that businesses lack compassion, but they're missing the bigger point. Without capitalism, government has nothing to hand out. In the end, after you've killed off big business, big profits, the rich and whoever else you envy, you're left with total poverty.

Barack Obama, more than anyone else, loves to fire people. And he's so completely clueless that he doesn't even know he's doing it.


Kelly the little black dog said...

You can't be both clueless and love to do something. I vote for clueless. Thats what happens when you surround yourself with former investment bankers and ask their advice on the economy. They're high risk gamblers, not folks known for conservative money management. Hey, they're doing well, whats the rest of our problem.

K T Cat said...

How would things be different with different people, but the same entitlements and pensions?

SarahB said...

Great observation!