Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Go Patriots!

Yesterday, with great sadness, I stored my New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers sweatshirts and t-shirts until next season. The forces of darkness and evil now reign supreme in the NFC. Like Godzilla and Mothra fighting over Tokyo, each more hideous and destructive than the other, the Giants and Niners will play for the chance to go to the Super Bowl. There, as any moral and decent person must surely hope, they will be utterly obliterated by the Patriots.

Surely no thinking person would have hoped at the beginning of the season that New England would get another trophy, but in these dark times one must find whatever comfort one can in the humiliation of inhuman creatures who are nothing but pure evil.

Let bloody vengeance take its final course.


tim eisele said...

Mothra versus Godzilla! Yay!

You know, dubbing Godzilla movies into English isn't really necessary. We all know what's going on, the dialog is pretty much superfluous.

That was my first Godzilla movie. I particularly liked the silk-shooting caterpillars at the end.

K T Cat said...

I should have known you'd be a big Mothra fan!


I love the Japanese men shouting stern, staccato sentences.

Mostly Nothing said...

Gamera is really neat.
Gamera is full of meat.
We all love you, Gamera!

I gotta put the Pats in the evil monsters as well.

Leaves us with the Ravens!