Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Next Generation Of Police Helicopter

Give this guy some decent sensors and you can forget about escaping the crime scene on foot unless you can get into a building. Give it a spray paint gun, it could tag you like an exploding dye pack in a bag of bank cash.


tom said...

Nice helicopter. Would be a shame if something were to interfere with or jam the control link during a bank robbery ;-)

K T Cat said...

If that happened, the helicopter would revert to it's autonomous programming - Kill, Crush, Destroy!


tim eisele said...

Yes, a very nice helicopter. I kind of wonder whether it would work if it were large enough to The only big issue might be flight duration - how big of a battery pack can it carry? (although, if you could soup it up to use beamed microwave power . . .)

And, speaking of Quadrotors, have a look at this.

tim eisele said...

"large enough to carry a person" was what I meant to say in the second sentence.

And, it looks like human-carrying quadrotors have been built, but they were evidently too hard for humans to fly without having computed stability control.

K T Cat said...

Tim, I'd hope that any human-carrying version would have an open cockpit so you could puke right out of the thing. Given its wild gyrations in flight, barfing would probably be about all you'd be able to do. I could just see you intersecting with the barf 5,000 feet down as the copter whipped about this way and that.