Friday, January 13, 2012

A Little More On Romney

It just blows me away that the Republicans are about to nominate a Wall Street tycoon. Is it possible to be more tone-deaf?

Bonus question: Anyone want to put up an over-under on Romney and the Hispanic vote?


tim eisele said...

Something that has occurred to me is that what Romney has done for a living is to buy up companies and either bail them out, or shut them down and sell the bits.

The last time the US Government essentially bought up companies to either bail them out or shut them down, practically everybody (Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians alike) screamed bloody murder about how the government had no business doing such things, and was bound to screw it up.

Do we really want as President somebody whose primary skill is to do something that a majority of the population thinks the government should not do?

K T Cat said...

Romney is the anti-populist candidate.

B-Daddy said...

Tim, I think that he would understand that this is not what the government should be doing. With Democrats trying to pressure Fannie and Freddie into propping up the housing market, Romney has been a voice of sanity.