Saturday, January 28, 2012

Yes, But From Where?

Tim Geithner, like Christine Lagarde of the IMF, wants Europe to add more money to their bailout fund.
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner pressed Europe on Friday to boost its bailout fund resources, citing the euro zone debt crisis and oil prices as the two main factors influencing the pace of the United States' economic upturn.
From where, exactly, will this money come?


HVTs said...

You are so last century! Money rains down from "the future." You sell a bond, print some currency and let future generations sort out the details. Get with the program, man! Worry about your carbon footprint, not where money comes from.

K T Cat said...


FeFe said...

I find this, IMF (of which the USA is the largest contributor) bailout of the eurozone, to be the "Why?" for the establishment pushing Mitt Romney. He said in the Bloomberg Channel debate he would bailout not institutions (banks) or companies (autos, etc.) but European nation states through the Fed with a "TARP like" fund to the IMF (to the tune of $2 trillion dollars that you aptly note will only be printed). This is indeed what Tim Gietner has long been pushing. After this campaign promise, Mitt's endorsements and Wall St cash rolled in. The establishment the world over does not want to euro to fail. The people will live in dire austerity until it does. Romney is the financial status quo. The European Union (EU) now has the Financial Union (FU !) coming 2014 and it will want the USA to be all on-board, and Mitt has signaled his ascent. As for the intergovernmental union, now forced by Germany and France on Greece and Italy (who's next?) by replacing their elected governments with EU approved technocrats, the USA's ascent came from Obama's approval to health care as a "right." Do you really think Mr Romneycare will repeal that "right"?

The depth of the hatred toward Santorum is not over social positions Obama himself holds but knowing this monstrous centralization of power in Obamacare will not stand. The "inevitability" the opposition craves is not in Mitt Romney as the nominee but enshrining health care as a "right." Can the Romney enacted Mass. Cap & Trade be far behind? "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead," no sooner spoken than forgotten by another moderate leader assuming office, Julia Gillard. "Iron clad" election promise on an EU referendum from Tory David Cameron and no less promised by the LiberalDems and Labour parties too only to meet casual disregard once in office. Again, Mr Romneycare will repeal Obamacare? More fool us.

It is not so much that we are speaking of One World Govt but the free movement of peoples. Note Romney's answer to immigration in the last debate:
"The answer is we’re going to have a system that gives people who come legally a card that identifies them as coming here legally. Employers are going to be expected to inspect that card, see if they’re here legally. On that basis we’re going to be able to bring you to this country."
He's not talking about our Green Cards but the EU requirement.

The above is not a perfect comment, let alone analysis, but it's the best I got from observing this wild election and "the entire Republican establishment has told me I need to support him [Mitt]. Why?" "I don't know and it creeps me out" factor you wrote of in your post, Mitt Romney Is Driving Me [and me too] Out Of the Republican Party.

K T Cat said...

FeFe, that was a fantastic comment. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll stop by more often. If even half of it is true, it's bad medicine for sure. You've given me several things to go explore and blog about. Again, thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment.

K T Cat said...

FeFe, in this WSJ article, the Republicans in the House and Mitt himself seem to oppose a Euro bailout.