Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Because You Needed To See This


Dean said...

KT, maybe because I'm catching up with the first season of "Mad Men" explains why I'm in a such a early/mid 60s sap at the moment but at 3:06 check out the "David Lyons and the Cubs" on the bass drum. Their website:


Seems they had quite a nice run in this genre.

I kept waiting for the Kung-Fu fight to break out.

Or maybe, it was this:


Admit it, dude, you love having me around.

Mostly Nothing said...


Banshee said...

Oh, I know that song! I've had it for years on one of those Intro to Bollywood CDs! They called it "Jaan Pehechaan-Ho".

You have made my day. I didn't think anything could make this song cooler.

Kelly the little black dog said...

That is so cool! I wondered where that song came from when I saw the recent ad campaign.