Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What They Need Is A Magician

... to pull $600B out of his hat.
BRUSSELS—The International Monetary Fund has identified a need for $600 billion in additional resources to help fight the European debt crisis, a euro-zone official said Wednesday.
Umm, who's got $600B laying around to hand to the IMF?

The rabbit is worth $5. We just need to pull out 120 billion more rabbits.

Image from Fiery Darts.


Secular Apostate said...

It's not magic! It's Tribble Economics. :-)

The Fed likes that theory, too.

tim eisele said...

And then there's the whole supply-and-demand problem

1 rabbit is worth $5

100 billion rabbits is likely to be worth negative-several-hundred-million dollars, if the experience of Australia is any indication.