Friday, November 21, 2008

You Know Your Business is in Trouble When ...

... when political talk show hosts all across the radio dial are coming up with solutions for your problems.


Rose said...

...and the most voiced solution is to 'let it die.' Don't help them.



Ohioan@Heart said...

Actually, I wonder what those guys bailng out the Big three think about the UAW workers making up to $75.86/hr. Which works out to $158,319.82 annually (in a 2087 hour average work year, with no overtime).

I especially wonder given that Congress makes $169,300 (here).

That's right, a Big three UAW worker can make, without overtime, 93.5% of a Congressman's salary. It would take less than 100 hours at time-and-a-half (2 hours a week), to exceed Congressional salaries.

No wonder the Big three need a bailout.

Although I have to admit that the auto workers are more productive than your typical Congressman...