Friday, November 07, 2008

Always Keep a Camera With You

... especially if you like to photoblog.

Yesterday, I was on my way home from Costco, driving along Mission Bay. The sun had just set and there were no clouds to give a dramatic sunset. I had seen this before I had left home, so I left my camera at home. Instead, there was no wind and the water was like glass on Mission Bay, reflecting the orange glow of the sunset with palm trees all around as accents. It would have been simplicity itself to have pulled over and snapped a few shots.


I'm thinking of getting an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera that I'll keep in my glove box for occasions just like this.

It looked like this, only without the clouds and closer to the water and cool reflections of the palm trees on the water and the sun had already set and ... Oh, who am I kidding? It didn't look anything like this at all. I really wish I'd had a camera with me.

Update: If you want to see a photo done right, check this one out. It looks like the mountain is leaning into the wind.


Anonymous said...

The advice I got many years ago about binoculars and astronomical telescopes is applicable here, too:

A small one that you can easily carry and use on a moment's notice, is better than the top-of-the-line one that sits at home because it is too bulky to always have with you, or too much of a project to set up to be used spontaneously.

And the word is "congult"

Kelly the little black dog said...

Yes, I've go my previous point and shoot that I replaced with my 40D. I've been meaning to do this, but I keep forgetting to put it in my bag.

Anonymous said...

I gave up and got a good camera phone (5MB wonderphone). Now I get photos, if I have 15 seconds warning to get the thing cranked up.