Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why Obama is Picking Clintonistas?

... it's because his resume is so thin.

Yes, lefties, your worst nightmare is coming to pass. Hillary, the woman you hate, is taking control after all. The One's cabinet is filling with her stooges and cronies. And why is that?

Remember what we were trying to tell you all along? That The Messiah had never accomplished anything in his life? It was true and it mattered. When normal presidents come into office, they bring along trusted friends from previous jobs. Clinton brought in his Arkansas buddies and Texans came along with Bush. Obama has never done anything in his life and he has no team to bring along. He's an empty suit, a hot air balloon and now we're getting an idea of what that means.

Once the Clintonistas are in place, he'll have as much control over them as he would have with a pack of Somali pirates. None. Oh, he'll see them in cabinet meetings and give them orders, but in the other 39 hours of their work week, they'll be talking to each other and doing what they want. They've got the bonds that come with years of working together, of accomplishing things as a team, a team of Clintonistas.

He's got nothing of his own except his photogenic family and a bag of rhetoric.


Rose said...

Yep. When all you've done is run for office and your single accomplishment is that you got elected before, you're in real trouble now, because there's nowhere else to go (oh you could start campaigning for reelection, but...) - And now, you don't have a plan - unless someone else cooks it up for you. Just as you say KT, no one on tap, no new faces, NONE of that CHANGE.

I keep hearing from people who voted for him because he wasn't Bush.

I'm betting the day comes when they say they didn't like Bush but they'd give anything to have him back.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what lefties you're talking about; I'm delighted so far. Every lefty I know is delighted so far. Bush brought in any number of folks who weren't up to the job, like Mr. Brown who headed up FEMA during Katrina. He also tried to foist off Harriet Myers for the Supreme Court. Obama isn't weak because he doesn't come replete with an entourage of incompetent cronies and hangers on. A lot of the competent folks Bush did bring in, he ignored, like Colin Powell; and a good many wrote tell all books in the wake of their leaving (remember Scott McClellan and Paul O'Neal?).

Critics said the same thing about Lincoln's cabinet. 'Lincoln has no experience, Seward and Chase will run everything'; but a strong man who knows his own mind can work with talented people and still hold the rudder.

It's clear from Powell that the State Department is only as powerful if the President listens to it; and for all the Sturm & Drang there wasn't that much daylight between Obama and Clinton in foreign affairs.

Tim Geithner was a disciple of Robert Rubin who is generally regarded as an excellent Treasury secretary; the stock market bounced up almost 500 points on the news of his selection. Daschle wasn't in the Clinton administration, but certainly had a front row seat of how not to get health care done; and knows the ins and outs of the Senate.

In fact the Clinton administration is often rightly criticized for not having enough insiders to help guide legislation through Congress, they squandered much of their first two years accomplishing little. It's hard to see that happening with Daschle and Emanuel on the team.

And as for the bag of rhetoric, that's where the real power of the President resides. The bully pulpit, speaking to the American people, that's what made Lincoln, FDR and even Ronald Reagan extremely effective Presidents.


Rose said...

Every lefty I know is delighted so far.

Yep, they all say that. They've been crying about stolen elections for 8 years, and when ACORN comes up they grin, and say awww, that's nothin', nobody's voted YET, no harm no foul, they cry about rich fat cats, and when it comes to Soros, they grin, pay no attention to the rich white man behind the curtain...

I'm waitin' to see the reaction when he reconstitutes the draft - I'm sure it will be just fine, too.

The rest of us are waitin' to see where all that CHANGE is - but I've been assured, he's not Bush, so he's COOL.



K T Cat said...

Hmm. Over at Kos and Firedoglake, they seem less than happy about some of these selections.

As for the market bouncing because Obama picks this fellow or that, don't count on it. The thing is down plenty since his election. Politics and parties aren't going to mean much in the coming storm and Obama's team's penchant for punishing the productive and rewarding the indolent will be like running around outside in a tornado.